Most people are of the opinion that building a rail network is just not feasible, but a tiny seed can grow into a mighty tree. We plan to plant a tiny seed for our project in the form of a ride through the forest canopy in a park in Costa Rica and perhaps one in Brazil as well.

We plan to create a one quarter scale prototype rail system in Costa Rica to use as a tourist destination that will allow passengers to experience the lush jungle environment from the comfort and safety of the elevated rail vehicles. This will also serve as a destination venue to which we can invite transportation officials from around the world.
During the last five years we have purchased property in Coast Rica and have developed it with the initial infrastructure necessary for the construction of the rail. The Costa Rica Parks Department has expressed an interest in purchasing the land adjacent to ours for the purpose of creating a national Park. A delegation from the Parks Department will soon be visiting our establishment to further investigate the possibility of creating a park there as well as the possibility of working with us in the creation of the rail system. One of the reasons for their interest in the land is because they wish to create a park that is established in conjunction with Earth University as a hands on educational and research facility.

In 2016, evidence of the earliest human habitation in the Western Hemisphere was discovered during excavations for a Hydro electric power plant just a few miles from our location. For a country like Costa Rica that relies on tourism for the majority of its income, this discovery is a big deal. The Parks Department plans to develop a world-class cultural center at the site. Our proposal to them will include a rail installation at this location.