Many people believe that the solution to the automobile crisis is the flying car. No doubt the day will come when such technology is available, but would it constitute a viable solution? We have aircraft in the form of planes and helicopters but these vehicles typically need 1000 feet of separation for safe operation. Imagine the chaos of LA’s rush hour traffic with thousands of vehicles buzzing around in the sky. With flying cars how much of the Earth’s surface would be safe from prying eyes, not to mention backyard sunbathing? Then there is the matter of cost; since the 1930s there have been predictions that personal aircraft would become widespread, but cost has prevented this from happening.

Now imagine the United States with a network of elevated rails. Most people would not need to own their own vehicle since RailPlane could provide on-demand public transit from virtually anywhere. Furthermore, travel to distance cities would not have to be planned in advance as it is now with air travel, but rather a ride could be booked at a moments notice.